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grassroots / Intro to Golf


The UGA Academy will be involved with the numerous grassroots programs around the country by providing resources, access, and training.  This group of beginning golfers is vital to the success of the UGA Academy.  This stage will provide a majority of the players that will attend the UGA Academy in the subsequent phases.

The resources provided will be equipment (clubs, balls, training aids) that assist these programs in providing a great head start to these beginner golfers.  The UGA Academy will also provide financial support and access to facilities for the junior golfers to practice and play.

The staff at the UGA Academy will conduct quarterly training sessions for the “Grassroot Program” instructors. These training sessions will take the “basic” intro to golf and accelerate the training knowledge of these instructors.  This training will help with the sustainability of these Grassroot Programs and provide a larger pool of “Phase II” ready junior golfers.

This “Train the Trainer” program will be offered at the UGA Academy in Florida.

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